Development & Business

Ordinance 2315.23A.01 Rezone

Ordinance 2315.23A Rezone

Business Registration Amendment Ordinance Registration Fees

Historic Preservation Ordinance (Color Palette)

Zoning Ordinance

Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 2115.24 Amendment 1 to Zoning Ordinance – Side Yard Requirements

Ordinance 2015.23.01 Rezone Request

Ordinance 2015.20 Amendment 1 to Subdivision Ordinance

Ordinance 2015.26 Amendment 3 to Manufactured Housing Ordinance (Ordinances 1515.26, 1615.26A and 1815.11)

Ordinance 2003.05.01 Subdivision Fee Schedule Amendment for Site Development Application, Certificate of Plat Compliance, Appeal – Denial Plat Compliance

Ordinance 2003.05 Historic District Fee Schedule Ordinance

Ordinance 1903.05.02 Building Fee Ordinance

Ordinance 1903.05.01 Subdivision Fee Schedule Ordinance

Ordinance 1915.23.01 Zoning Map Change

Ordinance 1915.20 Subdivision Ordinance

Ordinance 1915.10.02 Amendment 2 to Historic Preservation Ordinance (Ordinance 1615.10)

Ordinance 1915.10.01 Amendment 1 to Historic Preservation Ordinance (Ordinance 1615.10)

Ordinance 1915.20F City and Historical Area Zoning Map Change

Ordinance 1815.28.01 Amendment 2 to Business Registration Ordinance (Ordinance 1515.28)

Ordinance 1803.05 Subdivision Fee Schedule Amendment for Addressing

Ordinance 1815.28 Liquor License Ordinance

Ordinance 1815.11 Amendment 2 to Manufactured Housing Ordinance (Ordinances 1515.26 & 1615.26A)

Ordinance 1815.13 Landscape Ordinance

Ordinance 1715.28 Amendment 1 to Business Registration Ordinance (Ordinance 1515.28)

Ordinance 1715.20 Repealing the Interlocal Public Works Agreement

Ordinance 1715.12 Regulations for Outdoor (Dark Skies) Lighting

Ordinance 1705.01 Park Land Dedication and Development Fee Ordinance

Ordinance 1715.08 Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Ordinance 1615.26A Amendment 1 to Manufactured Housing Ordinance (Ordinance 1515.26)

Ordinance 1601.20 Subdivision Moratorium

Ordinance 1615.10 Historic Preservation

Ordinance 1515.28 Business Registration Ordinance

Ordinance 1515.26 Manufactured Housing Ordinance

EL PASO MISSION TRAIL HISTORICAL AREA ZONING REGULATIONS (El Paso County, implemented by Texas State Legislature, 1995)