Resolution 2402R.09 Interlocal Agreement for Cyber Fund with TML Risk Pool

Resolution 2404R.01 Climate MOA

Resolution 2407R.05 Off Duty Management Agreement

Resolution 2402R.07.01 Proclamation for Pride Month for June 2024

Resolution 2402R.03.03 Canvassing the May 2024 General Elections

Resolution 2401R.03A Collection Agreement with Delgado Acosta Spencer Linebarger & Perez,LLP

Resolution 2401R.03B Collection Fee in the amount of 30% for Delinquent Municipal Court fines,fees,costs

Resolution 2402R.10 Master Service Agreement with Lexipol

Resolution 2403R.06A Operation Stonegarden 

Resolution 2406R.03 Appointment of City Administrator

Resolution 2402R.03.02 Appointment of Election Officials for May 4, 2024 General Election

Resolution 2404R.18 Proclamation of Earth Day for April 22, 2024

Resolution 2401R.03 Failure to Appear Program with Texas Department of Public Safety

Resolution 2408R.06 Right of Entry Agreement with the County of El Paso

Resolution 2404R.17 Interlocal Agreement with the City of El Paso Department of Public Health

Resolution 2410R.04.01 Interlocal Agreement with Camino Regional Mobility Authority

Resolution 2402R.11 Procedures for placing matters on the City Council Agenda

Resolution 2408R.04 Vertex Construction & Engineers, LLC

Resolution 2406R.06 Engineering Contract with DE Corp.

Resolution 2403R.06 to apply for Justice Grant Program

Resolution 2410R.04 EPATS,LGC Agreement FY 2024

Resolution 2402R.03 Contract for Joint Election services

Resolution 2402R.07 Designating El Paso Times as official newspaper


Resolution 2310R.04.04 Advance Funding Agreement with the State of Texas

Resolution 2315R.10E Sister City Agreement with Macharaviaya, Spain

Resolution 2302R.03.04 Contract for Election Services with the El Paso County Elections Department for elections held May 7, 2022

Resolution 2304R.01 Interlocal Agreement with the City of El Paso Climate and Sustainability

Resolution 2302R.03.03 Polling Place Agreement

Resolution 2310R.04.03 Interlocal Public Service Transit Agreement. EPATS, LGC

Resolution 2310R.03D.01 Neighborhood Speed Management Manual Took Kit

Resolution 2307R.01 National Incident Management System

Resolution 2310R.04.02 Bike Share Project

Resolution 2302R.03.02 Canvassing General Election

Resolution 2303R.06.01A Stonegarden Grant

Resolution 2311R.03 Suspend TGS Interim Rate Adjustment

Resolution 2303R.06B Community Development Block Grant Program

Resolution 2303R.06A Community development Block Grant Program

Resolution 2306R.06.01 Novatech IT and Marketing Solutions

Resolution 2303R.06.01 Peregrine Accelerator Grant

Resolution 2303R.04A Option to Lease Agreement

Resolution 2302R.05.01 Letters of Support

Resolution 2302R.03.01A Appointment of Election Officials

Resolution 2310R.04A Transportation Project Advisory Committee

Resolution 2310R.04A.01 El Paso Area Transportation Services

Resolution 2303R.06 Rio Grande Council of Governments Grant

Resolution 2302R.07 Designating El Paso Times as the official newspaper for the City

Resolution 2310R.04.01 Call for Projects for the Transportation Alternative Set Aside TA Program

Resolution 2302R.03 Authorizing Mayor to sign the contract for election services

Resolution 2307R.05 Retirement of K9 Astor